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Odd Bars: Discounted Bars

Every once in a while, a batch of soap doesn't quite come out the way we want it to. The bars may look a little, well, odd. The sides may stick to the mold, extra soda ash** may form, or maybe we've tried experimenting with color and add-ins.

While the soap is still perfectly good, it doesn't meet our standards to be sold at full price. These bars do not come wrapped in bands and the weight and size may vary.This soap is for those of you looking for a good, 'ol fashioned bargain! Check back regularly. Limited quantities and scents are available.

**Soda ash forms when unsaponified lye reacts with naturally occurring carbon dioxide in the air.  Soda ash is harmless, and it’s most common on the surface of soaps, but sometimes can form throughout the middle of the bars. Temperature can also play a factor in soda ash formation. Soda ash is harmless but can make soaps look, well, ugly.

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