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Black Velvet - Activated Charcoal Soap Bar

Made with Oil-Absorbing Activated Charcoal

Our mildly scented Black Velvet handmade soap bar is the perfect facial bar. With no artificial fragrance, artificial dyes, or harmful detergents, this soap makes a great choice for those dealing with skin issues. We use Lavender and Tea Tree essential oils that have been shown to contribute to healthy, clearer skin.

Activated charcoal is great for oily skin

Activated charcoal can help unclog pores, tame acne, and control oily skin. Activated charcoal has been crushed and steamed giving it a wider surface area - thereby enabling it to absorb a higher volume of bacteria and toxins.

We use Bamboo activated charcoal because it has more surface area due to the structure of the plant. One teaspoon has the surface area of a football field! The earliest documented use of bamboo charcoal dates back to the Ming Dynasty. Chinese healers used “the black diamond” to formulate medicines and filter water for tea. The charcoal also “sweetened” the tea by infusing minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and potassium.

If you're still unsure, read some of our reviews

Ingredients: distilled water, olive oil, coconut oil, sustainable palm oil, avocado oil, castor oil, activated bamboo charcoal powder, lavender and tea tree essential oils.

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