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"I love natural soaps and lotions. The Mindful Soap Company has some of the nicest smelling and feeling soaps and lotions I’ve ever tried."

"Trisha sent me three bottles of her natural liquid soap in Lavender Rosemary, Mojito and Pink Grapefruit scents. The soaps were silky smooth, lathered nicely and smelled great. The pink grapefruit was my favorite, with a citrus brightness and sweet undertones."

"There’s really nothing easier these days than finding products that claim to be natural. Finding products that actually are natural is a different story. Even more difficult is finding products that are natural AND smell great. The Mindful Soap Company seems to have found the magic recipe for accomplishing this."

"We used the soap as a hand soap in the bathroom on the main floor so it was used often by every member of the family. The soap had an almost soft feel which was nice and there were even bits of real oatmeal in the bar. The soap had a nice textured feel and lathered up nicely. We were all very pleased with the quality of this soap."

"I have had the pleasure of sampling some of these delicious soaps and I have to say that these soaps are just beautiful. The honey oatmeal soap is perhaps the most intricate and beautiful bar of soap I've ever seen. I feel like I'm staring at a gorgeous honey bee hive when I look at it and just the fact that there are real oats in there makes me hungry."

Customer Reviews

"I love these soaps and how they treat all of me!  Besides the chemically free cleanse, their natural scents are an experience in itself. The Fresh Mint, Spearmint and Citrus Splash soaps are invigorating; the Lavender is soothing and calming; the Honey Oatmeal is creamy "delicious"! The body creams are so rich, leaving your skin silky smooth with a soft lingering scent."

"I cannot praise these products enough. They are luxurious, effective, and most important healthy for you. It's time the public became aware of the dangers we subject ourselves and our families to with the products of the big name companies. Try Mindful Soap. You won't be disappointed. I can't wait new products. Thanks Trisha and Mindful Soap Co." -Joan, Titusville, NJ

"Mindful Soap is my new favorite soap to use. I have been using it for over three months and I love it. My kids have extremely sensitive skin and the only thing they could use was Dr. Bronner's until I found Mindful Soap. Even my husband has started using it. I just started using the body creams as well and they are addictive! I can't wait to see what other products they come out with." -Sonie, NJ

"Your products are awesome and so affordable! I've purchased several and given them away as gifts. They all love them. I can't wait for other products to come out!" -Christina, Fillmore, CA

"Thank you so much for such quick communication and for shipping out the soap just minutes after I ordered it! It got here very quickly, just in time for me to give it as a gift. This was my second time ordering from you. The soap is awesome - smells so good and lathers very well. I will be ordering more in the future." -Kate, NJ

"I have used Mindful Soap for almost a year. I have been pleased with them, and no other all-natural soaps compare! I have tried other brands, but I just keep coming back to Mindful Soap. I have two kids with very sensitive skin. I like how gentle they have been on their skin. After trying these soaps on both my precious little ones, I don't dare use anything else. One of my favorite things is that it leaves your skin feeling squeaky clean yet doesn't feel like your skin is dried out!!!! My second favorite thing is the scents. They are not overpowering in smell but light enough!!! It's just the right amount of scent. It is hard to choose a favorite scent because they all smell so good!!!" -Veronica, NJ

"I love the citrus splash soap!!!!! It not only smells amazing but my skin isn't itchy anymore, which has been a problem forever!!! Thank u sooo much!!! -Jaclyn, NJ

"I love, love, love your soap!!! Thank you. I plan on buying some this Christmas and passing it on to all my coworkers and friends. It is so wonderful. I have the "Most" sensitive skin on earth and your soap works wonders on my skin!!!" -Theresa

"I always use the soap that's on the pink soap dish because I know it's the good soap and it helps my skin. It's like AMAZING!! Thought to share that review on the oatmeal soap!! -Bethany, age 4


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