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Undiluted Essential Oils

If you've ever enjoyed the smell of a fresh bouquet of flowers, then you've experienced the aromatic qualities of essential oils. These aromatic compounds can be found in almost every part of of the plant, including the flowers, stems, roots and bark. Essential oils are beautiful, yet powerful and are what give plants their distinctive smell. Essential oils have been used in beauty and health-care practices down through the centuries.

When choosing an essential oil brand, quality and transparency is of the utmost importance. The Mindful Soap Company sources high quality, pure essential oils, meaning the oils are never diluted down with carrier oils or have synthetic fillers added to them. We always know the country of origin, distillation method, and have obtained GS/MS test results, which ensure the purity and quality of each oil. So whether you want to use an oil for aromatherapy or whip up an easy DIY project, you can be sure to trust the quality of Mindful Soap's essential oils.

We are pleased to offer, what we consider, the TOP 6 ESSENTIAL OILS EVERY HOME SHOULD HAVE! If you're new to essential oils, these are the ones to start with.


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