5 Ingredient Natural Multi-Purpose Cleaner! June 13 2017


Friends often ask, "What should I do with my essential oils?" It's a GREAT question with MANY answers! The reality is you can do SO MANY things with essential oils. It's our hope with this blog to give you some easy ideas and DIY recipes, all of which include the amazing and powerful benefits of essential oils!

Today we're featuring a very simple DIY 5 Ingredient All-Natural, Multi-Purpose Cleaner that we use here ALL the time at Mindful Soap! We make it often because we use so much of it. It's a very versatile DIY All-Natural, Multi-Purpose Cleaner and great for cleaning your kitchen countertops (granite safe), kitchen sink, bathroom sinks, bathroom countertops and even your floors (including wood)! And you can feel great about using it because there won't be any harsh, toxic fumes or funky scents that you'll be inhaling into your lungs!

We recommend adding essential oils of tea tree, lavender, and/or peppermint. Personally, we like using all 3. The peppermint adds a bit of a minty scent, while the tea tree and lavender oils not only add scent, but bring their antimicrobial properties along as well, which let's face it, we all want in a good cleaner. Made with 5 simple ingredients you probably already have in the house, you can't go wrong!

5 Ingredient All-Natural, Multi-Purpose Cleaner

Combine all the ingredients in a spray bottle and you're good to go! It's that simple. It's such a great cleaner that you'll want to clean all the time...ehh....who are we kidding? Let's just say when you need to clean, you'll be grabbing for it! Enjoy!